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Sound Circle

Are you eager for more fun and play in your life?  Are you searching for a simple way to foster and express your creativity? Would you like to feel a deeper connection to your inner self, and more connected to others?

Come discover the unique expressive capacity of your own voice.  In this group we allow sounds to emerge spontaneously, in the context of a supportive, accepting circle.  We leave ideas about technique and "right" or "wrong" at the door. We learn to quiet the inner critic.  Instead we learn to trust our deepest selves as we witness the unfolding of wordless, spontaneous songs, and other expressive sounds.

It is wonderfully freeing to be in an environment where any sound is welcome.  We emphasize safety, acceptance, and a sense of lightheartedness and fun. Participation is optional at any moment; we only do what feels completely comfortable. 

This process is quite natural, and flows freely.  Feel the centered, easy sense of inner calm that follows a sounding session.  Embrace the feeling of empowerment that results from contacting and expressing that which is true within us. This work is offered in groups or individual sessions.

"There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen"

Comments from participants

“I have found the Sound Circles to be emotionally freeing and spiritually balancing. Mieke is a very experienced and safe facilitator.”

"Thank you, Mieke, for helping me feel so welcome.  Your gentle guidance made it easier to overcome my self-consciousness to really enjoy it.  I’m so glad I worked up the courage to give this a try, I didn’t expect to feel so calm afterwards."

"I liked this 'vocal mindfulness' group.  It was a nice way to have what is on the inside expressed on the outside, which made me feel more present in my body, but also lighter too.  A nice, safe release."

"I loved the freedom in this group.  I found it meditative and energizing at the same time.  And I found I had more confidence in my voice afterwards."

"I really enjoyed your sense of playfulness and the way you helped everyone feel so at ease.  I didn’t realize how fun making weird sounds can be!  I even tried some of this with my grandchildren, and of course they loved it."

“For me, creating sound with a group creates an entity that is separate from the self but encompasses all present participants and more. It is powerful.”

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