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About the Studio

The studio is 40 feet long and has 12 foot ceilings and a sprung floor, with radiant heating in the floor.  We have air conditioning as needed. The maple floor is finished with a special oil and was designed for dancing barefoot or with indoor-only (and non-marking) shoes.

We are on located on the river side of the building, so we enjoy the gentle sounds of flowing water when the windows are open.

We have a closet packed with musical instruments, ranging from silly and serious, and a calming Reiki treatment room.

SOMA is located on the top floor of a former textile factory which has been converted to artist live/work spaces.
There is a communal gallery and event space, and even a bookstore on the first floor. The Eclipse Mill is a vibrant and friendly community here with many accomplished artists, writers, actors, dancers, and musicians.

Feel free to check out our neighbors:



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