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About Mieke

Mieke (she/her) has always been deeply moved by the transformative and healing power of joy, laughter, creativity, and play, especially with others.  She also understands the powerful control that our inner critics often hold over us from past conditioning, as she has done her own personal growth work around these issues.  SOMA was conceived as a safe, welcoming space where people can come together to feel the freedom to expand into younger, more playful and care-free parts of themselves that they may not have had access to for a while.   


Stretching just a little beyond one’s comfort zone, especially in a supportive environment, can offer powerful and unexpected rewards.

Mieke also enjoys working with people individually on the Reiki table, on the meditation cushion, or doing sound healing or movement work in order to help promote greater inner awareness, deep relaxation, and the restoration of balance in the body/mind system.


Mieke has a strong interest in the trait of high sensitivity and enjoys educating others about how to optimize this trait.  See


When not enjoying time at SOMA, Mieke may be found laughing with friends and family, hiking, kayaking, riding the waves in the ocean, taking photographs, playing with art materials, hearing live music, or enjoying her beloved cats.


More information about Mieke’s background can be viewed under each offering in the main menu.



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